Distressing timbers or furniture can bring them back to life. Work out materials, colours, sand off corners or flat areas and use a sealant to protect.


This is a very simple way to transform any surface or material into the timber effect. Different base, top coats, rubber rockers or combs can transform a flat piece of MDF into a more realistic piece of wood.


It is important to know what type of wood your working with as this will determine how you can expect it to look at the end:

Soft Woods – Pine, Fir and Cedar etc.
Hard Woods – Oak, Beach, Ash, Elm, Burch, Walnut etc.

Choose the correct product, either water or solvent based to protect material.

Wall Papers

Wall papers come in many different styles and textures. They can completely transform your home or work place. These come in Themed, Vinyl, Multi Coloured, Damask Papers, Geometric Papers, Striped, Plain or Textured, Floral, Flock, Kitchen & Bathroom paper, the list goes on.

Linning Papers

This is to give a more even back ground to your finish paper and should be hung horizontally. This is to make sure all joints cannot coincide when wall coverings are placed over the top. Linning papers come in a variety of grades and can cover a multitude of sins to damaged walls and ceilings. This can also be a solid base for emulsion etc.